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  1. Go Tyler Go!

    Go Frank Go!

  2. As a member of the Council that adopted the Urban Containment Boundary, we believed, and I continue to believe there is sufficient capacity within the Boundary to allow more than adequate growth. The whole purpose was not to sanitize those lands outside the Boundary but to make them developable at the FULL COST of the developer with no assistance in servicing costs by the City. In short they were on there own. If some group wants to develop the "Sandstone" lands they should be providing all services from the edge of the property. In view of most of the land being solid rock this would be very expensive.

    I have not followed the current "planning" so I am not able to comment on what has changed since Imagine and Plan Nanaimo which I was very proud to be a part of.

  3. Thanks for this, sincerely appreciated. Was it Joy Leach's council that put in place the UCB in Imagine Nanaimo?

  4. Your memory in my view of the BIA and its faults is very flawed. As a long time member suffice to say I think you are totally wrong in both your history and your opinion of it and its operation.

  5. Frank, I'm lost in my social media. Give me the path to comment on the land use on the waterfront, and the background links. I do have thoughts. Also watching Bermuda, east coast US, Brexit, Trump, etc, and I'm a lousy social media manager. I'm terrible at bookmarks. I guess I should have taken Don Power's courses. I actually did buy his book. Give me a second chance. Remind me of the links.

    1. That you Matt? Try this label, but let me know in more detail how I can catch you up. I appreciate your continued interest...