Tuesday, November 13, 2018

One-size-fits-all solutions to Nanaimo problems is at best a sisyphean task

I’ve an idea. Here it is.
A lot of Nanaimo’s challenging problems in transportation, and in both environmental and economic sustainability are caused by the fact that relatively few of us live on a relatively large land mass. Victoria and Nanaimo have about the same population. But Nanaimo’s physical size is 5 times larger. (2016 census)
I’ve come to accept that one-size-fits-all solutions to these problems is at best a sisyphean task. But consider : There is a salvageable city here — in our city centre core. Investments in equitable mobility options (including walk, bike, accessibility networks) like efficient, affordable, frequent transit and improvements to the public realm, key to supporting the further urbanization of our downtown (enhanced and expanded waterfront plazas and promenades and within downtown neighbourhoods well-sited and thoughtfully designed urban squares and parks) would immediately produce measurable benefit.
It’s time to direct public focus and investment on the one neighbourhood everyone in the city benefits from and everyone has equitable access to : Downtown, and the city centre core. An innovative approach would be zoning within this zone geared to its needs and even include the creation of a City Centre Ward that would elect it’s own dedicated Councillor.

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