Saturday, February 27, 2016

Terminal Ave as a Euro-style boulevard
There are concept plans and proposals being prepared to address a problematic highway that runs through the centre of Nanaimo. Here's the "Traffic Backgrounder" that lays out the thinking behind the work done to date. In my view it's faulty reasoning and in a Twitter thread I posted earlier you can if you want see the nature of my concerns. I've taken a different approach, one that has long been successful in Europe, a truly shared boulevard that works pretty well for all users.
Pictured below is an example from Barcelona's Eixample. In the rendering at top (click to enlarge) I've played with the concept of two centre thru-traffic lanes. These would be narrow to calm the traffic with max 50kph speed limited posted. As in the Barcelona example I've placed a local traffic lane, also narrow with ideally a textured surface treatment and no (or graduated) curbs, at the street's outside edges. This would be a max 30kph zone designed to alert the driver to be aware of others sharing the street. Bike lanes are protected, buffered from car traffic but sharing the well-lit boulevard with pedestrians within a tree canopy.

Streetmix is a very user-friendly tool for arranging street elements to try to arrive at a city street that includes, safely and pleasurably, all users. Give it a try.

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