Monday, December 7, 2015

Calgary Municipal Land Corporation task — "kick-start Calgary urban renewal"

Today we topped off the LRT enclosure and begin the vertical construction of the New Central Library. We celebrated this...
Posted by East Village Calgary on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Calgary Municipal Land Corporation
, a wholly owned subsidiary of the City of Calgary was incorporated in 2007 "to implement and execute the Rivers District Community Revitalization Plan – a public infrastructure program approved by the City of Calgary and the Province of Alberta to kick-start Calgary’s urban renewal."
An "entrepreneurial group of hands-on doers and place-makers," their mandate is to 
  • Redevelop, implement and activate public infrastructure to meet the needs of the community and the City of Calgary as sole shareholder
  • Manage the investment in land and infrastructure for optimal financial return
  • Demonstrate leading practices for sustainable development
  • Demonstrate innovative and effective operating processes and practice
This is one of many examples in Canada of a municipally owned development corporation mandated to work with senior levels of government and commercial and cultural partners to redevelop urban lands in the commercial and, of critical importance, the social and civic best interests of the community.
This development corporation model was the recommendation of the Nanaimo South Downtown Waterfront Initiative Committee. Because they were unable to get any common agreement between the primary public stakeholders, they requested the City of Nanaimo suspend their activities until such a time as these parties are able to identify shared interests and are prepared to make a commitment to proceeding with the redevelopment of the Nanaimo south downtown waterfront.

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