Monday, June 1, 2015

From SFU Continuing Studies
Strong Towns' Charles Marohn Curbside Chat

In October 2013, SFU hosted an urban planning lecture featuring Charles Marohn. The lecture was part of a series on Minnesota, a state that shares more than a border with Canada. 
Marohn is the co-founder and president of Strong Towns, and a professional engineer who is passionate about planning and small towns. He brings a civil-engineering perspective that results in original ideas such as the "stroad," a street/road hybrid that manages to be both expensive and unproductive. He's a fiscal conservative who makes his case effectively to a small-government audience as much as to urban planners and engineers.
This lecture was sponsored by TransLink, the City of Surrey, and SFU Urban Studies. It requires an hour of your time but if you're interested in cities you won't spend a more rewarding hour this week: 

The Minnesota Series: Original Thinking from the American Midwest - YouTube

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