Friday, August 8, 2014

Proposed Hilton Hotel To Council Monday —
Includes "Lease" of Adjacent Waterfront Park

Details of rezoning application, City "lane" closure, acquisition and consolidation, from the City Council meeting agenda for Monday August 11, 2014 here.  35 storeys from the waterfront promenade, 303 room hotel with 59 parking spaces on site.

Read the post and the comments at: Gord Fuller Municipally (A)MUSING

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Admin said...

Floor Area Ratio of 12: my understanding: FAR of 12 would allow a 12 storey building built to outer edges of the property, or 24 storeys occupying one-half of the area of the property. Is there more to it than that — this is 35 storey from the seawalk promenade on what looks like more than half the size of the lot. Low rise podium to the south factored in of course. Anyway the thing is massive and in my view hugely out of context… 59 parking spaces for a 300 room hotel is just bizarre. Hilton has apparently told the developer something along those lines… It would be lovely but naive to think that hotel guests would not arrive in cars and happily walk and bike and rickshaw around but what’s the plan if they do arrive in cars? Why, more surface parking lots of course… I wonder if this out of proportion massing is the developer's opening gambit, fully expecting to told to scale it back. This would tho set the first precedent I’m aware of when a developer wasn’t given everything they first asked for (and some time we even sweeten that), I don’t blame the developer for trying to get everything he can get but some days you wonder where’s our strong representation at the table — Planning and Development Departments and City Council itself.