Monday, July 14, 2014

Impending opening of Canadian Museum
for Human Rights, what next for #Winnipeg's The Forks? @brent_bellamy

Nearly 20 years ago, the swirling titanium panels of a new Guggenheim Museum transformed a blue-collar city named Bilbao, Spain into a flourishing centre of culture and design. This inspired cities across the globe to build ever-more sensational public buildings, hoping to recreate the elusive "Bilbao Effect."
As Winnipeg prepares to open its own iconic museum, the lesson that can be learned from the experience of these cities is translating a building like the Canadian Museum for Human Rights into a broader development catalyst, requires a focused effort to build complementary projects that expand the museum's influence beyond its walls.
The opportunity for this development in Winnipeg begins with the massive parking lots that sit directly across from the museum at The Forks. Last week, a conceptual master plan for the five-hectare site along the raised rail line was made public, quickly receiving approval by the standing policy committee on downtown development. Read more: More than the museum - Winnipeg Free Press

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